Getting Keyed up on Promotional Key Rings

How many times a day do you use your keys?

Now you can realize the amount of logo publicity and impressions that a good key ring can offer as a company promotional product.

There are some basic things to consider when buying key rings. If you want the recipient to value it in the long term it is important to spend a little more money and go for a metal option with laser engraving or if the logo is to be printed ensuring that a polymer dome covers the print to prevent the printed logo from being worn off with the abrasive action of the keys rubbing against the print. A leather key ring is also a classy option.  If you wish to appeal to a wider audience a less expensive alternative in plastic or acrylic will do the job beautifully. Either way key rings offer a multitude of choices in function, style and price.

promotional key ringsIf your business is not in the automotive, housing or security industry would you still give away a key ring?

While it is true that promotional key rings make great gifts for businesses for which they are clearly relevant a knowledgeable promotional product consultant knows that this medium is not limited only to those industries. A target base of optometrists might appreciate a key ring with a microfiber optical cloth attached. A local physiotherapist or relaxation clinic could hand out a stress gripper key ring. Or a consumer products company may want materials die-cast or die-cut to create a key ring replica for a new product launch.

This is where it pays to review the four factors of promotional success:

  1. Audience Appropriateness
  2. Marketing Message
  3. Qualified Recipients
  4. Timing

There are enough choices in promotional key rings to fulfill most any combination of these elements and to promote your brand to the public.