5 Ways to Use Promotional Bags to Enhance Your Brand

Many people say – “I’ve got lots of bags, I don’t really need anymore”. Yet these are often the same people who call and ask to borrow one when they go away for a weekend or on a business trip. In the 2010 Global Advertising Specialties Impressions Study branded bags were shown to have the highest number of impressions in a month, over 1,000. In fact, over one-third (36%) of those with incomes under $50,000 own bags. Branded bags are useful items and here are 5 great ways that you can use them to Build Your Brand.

1. Sporting Events

Sponsorship of a sporting team has long been seen as a good way to get your name out to potential customers and also to show your support of your local community. Having your logo placed on a good quality sports bag or back pack for team players and supporters will ensure that your brand is highly visible. Not only this they travel! Yes, one thing you can count on is that a good bag will be seen in many places from airports and gyms to bobbing on children’s backs as they bike to school.

Promotional Bags Promotional backpack

2. Tradeshows


A canvas or non-woven tote bag printed with your logo gives trade show attendees a way to carry all the brochures and objects they’ve collected during the trade show. Because guests will carry your bag throughout the convention the bag doubles as a powerful moving billboard for your company. Better still choose to use a bag made from environmentally friendly products and show the public that your company cares for the environment.

Promotional tote bags Promotional tote Bags

3. Employee Rewards

Employees who are recognized for their good work and achievements will feel valued and proud to be part of the team. These feelings will have a positive effect on the way they interact and treat customers. By rewarding employees with a travel bag or laptop bag branded with your logo they will carry it proudly as Brand Ambassadors for your business.

Promotional Bags Promotional duffle bag


4. Corporate Branding

In this day and age were everyone is competing for a slice of the business pie branding has never been more important to businesses wanting to grow. A great way to reinforce your brand to customers is to give them a useful product such as a compendium printed or embossed with your corporate logo. They will be reminded of your brand each time they pick it up and will also be displaying it to their clients too.

Promotional folio


5. Corporate Events and Conferences

Build team spirit and morale by providing delegates with a conference satchel or laptop bag printed or embroidered with your company logo. Long after the event has finished your branded bag will be delivering long term traces of your brand.


The Best Way to Brand Your Bags

Most bags are printed with your logo in one colour or multi colours, or in the case of sports bags, back packs and travel bags they can be embroidered to give a more appealing and up market look. Other decoration types include digital prints, sublimation and embroidered badges. To really give your bags the customized look so they portray your corporate colours bags can be customized to these colours. Also the interior linings can be printed with your logo and the zipper pullers can also be branded with your logo to add to the wow effect.

What Makes a Good Quality Bag

  • Good quality fabrics. With nylon bags 600 denier nylon with latex rubber backing is ideal and will prove to be durable.
  • Reinforced compression straps
  • Ergonomic and quality hardware
  • Boxed stitched webbing joints
  • Double stitched heavy duty zippers

When considering promotional products for your business bags branded with your logo are an incredibly effective and versatile option.