8 Effective Uses of Promotional Products

Promotional Products

1. Charitable Organisations Find a product which engages the donators to give more money and provide more information to the charity itself. Insist on an on-line focus group to provide targeted product success and remove the “ego based” product decisions made by Marketing Managers (which often affest the promotions success). 2. Incentive Programs Cash Vouchers…

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The Power of Promotional Merchandise

promotional merchandise

Distributing branded promotional merchandise is a powerful and cost effective way to build long term brand awareness. For example, did you know that: 71% of business travelers surveyed at an international airport advised that they had received a promotional product within the last 12 months. 76% of the respondents could recall the advertisers name on the…

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Getting Keyed up on Promotional Key Rings

promotional key rings

How many times a day do you use your keys? Now you can realize the amount of logo publicity and impressions that a good key ring can offer as a company promotional product. There are some basic things to consider when buying key rings. If you want the recipient to value it in the long…

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Cheap Polyester Cool Dry Shirts Make You Stink

polo shirts

I’ve lost track of how many times customers have told me they don’t like wearing polyester polo shirts because they make them smell. The reason for this is that contrary to some belief not all Cool Dry garments are anti-bacterial treated and whilst most perform moisture wicking removal actions, the less expensive garments retain body…

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Here’s How Promotional Pens Can Build Your Brand

promotional pens

Even in the technological world that we live in today you will still see on most people’s desks multiple pens with many of them branded. The popularity of pens is second only to branded apparel. Writing instruments are daily tools that people not only look at but also hold therefore increasing the time spent with…

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