Four Things You Should Know When Buying Hi-Visibility Workwear

Hi-Visibility Workwear

1. Why is it that some hi-vis workwear is less/more expensive than others? In the area of workwear the old adage “you get what you pay for” has never been truer. With so many brands competing for market share how do you work out which brands are good value for money and what is just…

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Could Promotional Tee Shirts be the Best Promotional Product Ever?

Promotional Tee Shirts

In these times when advertising budgets become a bit tight it is often difficult to decide how much of your budget you should dedicate to promotional products. With so many great proven promo products to choose from which are an effective way to build you corporate branding it is difficult to know where to begin.…

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Promote Your Brand with Brisbane Corporate Uniforms

Brisbane Corporate Uniforms

From caps, polo shirts and t-shirts to complete uniforms – making your staff easily identifiable can be a key part to your marketing – here are some ways to do this effectively with Brisbane Corporate Uniforms. Staff Become Walking Billboards If you use signs to indentify your company buildings and vehicles, and printed stationery to identify…

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How to Identify Poor Quality Embroidery

quality embroidery services

Not all embroidery is equal!  Here’s a few tips to ensure that you receive high quality embroidery services. Embroidery which doesn’t have enough stitch density will allow the fabric of the shirt to show through. Also the embroidery will not sit up and look full and vibrant.  Ask to see an example. Low quality embroidery…

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5 Ways to Use Promotional Bags to Enhance Your Brand

Promotional Bags

Many people say – “I’ve got lots of bags, I don’t really need anymore”. Yet these are often the same people who call and ask to borrow one when they go away for a weekend or on a business trip. In the 2010 Global Advertising Specialties Impressions Study branded bags were shown to have the…

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