Could Promotional Tee Shirts be the Best Promotional Product Ever?

In these times when advertising budgets become a bit tight it is often difficult to decide how much of your budget you should dedicate to promotional products. With so many great proven promo products to choose from which are an effective way to build you corporate branding it is difficult to know where to begin. It is however arguable that the promotional t-shirt wins out every time in terms of its cost-effectiveness, perceived value and universal appeal.

Five reasons to Choose Promotional Tee Shirts to promote your Brand

1. Cost-per-impression

Think about how many prospective customers are likely to view a promotional message printed on a mouse mat that’s sitting on a recipient’s desk, or a pen that lives in a shirt pocket? Compare that to the number of people who are likely to see a similar promotional message emblazoned across a promotional tee shirt. As an example during a single visit to a shopping centre the tee shirt (and your message) is likely to be viewed by several hundred members of the public!

Impressions are the number of times a logo or message on a promotional product is viewed during the product’s lifetime. The higher the number of impressions, the lower the cost-per-impression, and the more cost effective the promotional product becomes.

Every time a person wears a brand’s promotional tee shirt they are effectively acting as a “walking billboard”, advertising the brand’s promotional slogan to everyone they encounter – potentially thousand of people a day.

The key to maximizing the number of impressions is to provide tee shirts that will be valued by recipients and that they will want to wear repeatedly. This means providing good quality tee shirts which look good, fit well, are comfortable and will last, allied to creative embellishment that enhances the brand and promotional message. A poor quality garment that shrinks or falls apart may be false economy and is likely to be thrown away and could even compromise the brand image.

2. Universal Appeal

Tee shirts are popular and have universal appeal. Everyone owns and wears them so they are widely regarded as an item worth having. A number of manufacturers now supply promotional garments that match the quality and fashionable styling of the products consumers are buying in retail and this further increases the desirability and perceived value of the promotional tee shirt to the recipient.

Promotional Tee Shirts3. Perceived Value

The effectiveness of the tee shirt as a promotional item also stems from the high perceived value that it commands amongst consumers. People perceive far more value in a branded tee than the items actual low cost.

4 Targeted Promotions

There is now a promo tee to suit everyone. There are specific fits for men, women and children; sizes to cater for the largest adult to babies; different fabric weights and price points; and an extensive colour range that covers all corporate favourites. This makes it possible to tailor a promotional clothing campaign to gain the maximum appeal amongst a given audience.

5. A Versatile Choice

The promotional tee shirt is suitable for a broad range of promotional uses. A budget tee could be used for a high volume giveaway at a fundraiser or tradeshow. An elegant fitted ladies tee shirt could be used to promote cosmetics or hair products. Restaurants and hotels could dress their wait staff in a branded tee shirt and these could also be available for patrons to purchase as a souvenir of their visit. Tourist attractions and theme parks can also greatly increase merchandise sales by selling tee shirts to visitors. Promotional tee shirts cover everything from high volume one off events to up market promotions and cater for all budgets. The tee shirt remains the most cost effective way of mobilizing your promotional message and is worthy of serious consideration when planning your promotional budget.