Cheap Polyester Cool Dry Shirts Make You Stink

I’ve lost track of how many times customers have told me they don’t like wearing polyester polo shirts because they make them smell. The reason for this is that contrary to some belief not all Cool Dry garments are anti-bacterial treated and whilst most perform moisture wicking removal actions, the less expensive garments retain body odours rendering them unwearable in only a few months. In my experience some of the big offenders are cheap imported hi visibility polo shirts.

corporate polo shirts BrisbaneOne of the best moisture wicking fabrics in the market is Aussie Pacific’s performance fabric DRIWEAR™ which breathes like cotton, is quick drying and has anti-bacterial properties which makes it cool and comfortable to wear all year round. DRIWEAR™ is woven from anti-bacterial treated yarn instead of whole cloth. This means that the garment will retain its freshness for the life of the garment and will not retain body odour as opposed to a garment that is not treated in this way does. Cheap moisture wicking fabrics are produced by simply spraying chemical anti-bacterial treatments to whole cloth which tests reveal washes out after 10-15 washes before this feature diminishes. DRIWEAR™ is not a fabric as such but an anti-bacterial treated yarn which is then woven into fabric. It is the anti-bacterial treatment to the yarn which ensures the garment will not retain odours and stay fresh for the life of the garment.

DRIWEAR™ yarn can be knitted into various forms with the min-waffle being used extensively through the Aussie Pacific range. The unique fibre construction makes it lightweight and highly breathable as the micro construction causes the yarn to bulk up when exposed to moisture and then dry quickly when exposed to air. Cotton on the other hand absorbs moisture into the fibre whereas DRIWEAR™ facilitates the moisture wicking properties by using capillary action. Moisture is wicked away from the skin to the outer surface spreading moisture from fibre to fibre and when woven together in cross sections allows air to flow through the fabric.  DRIWEAR™ yarn has the ability to move moisture and speed evaporation which is crucial to your body dry and comfortable. The end result is no more uncomfortable wet patches under your arms or on the back of the shirt and most importantly, no smell!!

DRIWEAR™ fabric continues to get ‘rave reviews’ particularly with its versatility for sports, corporate or team wear. It is also available in hi visibility polo shirts and singlets to keep you Tradies cool and comfortable. Now that’s the perfect kind of polo shirts for Brisbane.

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