8 Effective Uses of Promotional Products

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1. Charitable Organisations

Find a product which engages the donators to give more money and provide more information to the charity itself. Insist on an on-line focus group to provide targeted product success and remove the "ego based" product decisions made by Marketing Managers (which often affest the promotions success).

2. Incentive Programs

Cash Vouchers or Bonuses: Here today, gone tomorrow. Research shows that the moment the recipient has spent the cash, the goodwill it generated fades. Promotional products have a longer retention value of the appreciation. Link incentives with sponsorship programs or events your company maybe affiliated with.

75% of Human Resource Managers surveyed are using promotional products in recognition programs.

72% of Marketing and HR Managers say promotional products are very effective in motivation and retention of staff.

3. Gift with Purchase Programs

When advertising a Brand, Gift with Purchase programs can more than double sales.

4. Media Attention

Create promotions which garner free media attention (photo apportunities for TV and Print). You could ask your promotional products Brisbane company to handle the media roll out.

5. Active Promotional Trigger Campaigns

Use the promotional product as a trigger or teaser for action not just a reward. Example: using elements of the product in a time sensitive roll out (providing the headphones of an MP3 Player first to your target market, and then the player if they attend the event or take the action you require).

6. Event Invitations

Use promotional products as the invitation itself. Examples include a Spring Racing Carnival invite which includes a pair of jockey shorts with the invite information and your logo on a stress horse. Invite clients to Cirque du Soleil by printing the event on 3 separate juggling balls.

7. Make the Trophy as Memorable as the Event

Motivate and inspire recipients with memorable keepsakes as the trophy. It can garner media attention and make the award more desirable for the recipients thus creating increased future involvement for the event.

8. Sponsored Table Gifts at Your Next Event

Branded table gifts can substantially offset event costs (if they are co-sponsored) and commemorates events in a meaningful way.

Need Proof? Check out these Results from a Recent Survey


71% of business travellers surveyed at an international airport recently reported having received a promotional product in the last 12 months.

Moreover, 33.7% of this group had the item on their person. The item was promoting the givers logo repeatedly to the partcipant and their associates.

56% of people kept their promotional product for more than 1 year.

76.4% said they kept their promotional product because it was useful.


76.1% of the respondents could recall the advertisers name on the product they have received in the last 12 months. In comparision, 80% of participants answered yes to reading a newspaper or magazine in the last week but only 53.5% of them could recall the name of a single advertiser.


Promotional products, properly implemented, have a longer physical and mental retention value then many "above the line" advertising methods for less cost. Cross compare to TV & Print.

When advertising a Brand, Gift with Purchase Programs can more than double sales. For more information contact a trained promotional products consultant.